£3.50Add +
Spicy Edamame£3.90Add +
Nasu Goma
£4.80Add +
Contain peanuts. Grilled aubergine with sesame paste
Agedashi Tofu£4.80Add +Fried tofu in tempura flour with grated daikon in dashi broth
Yellow Tail Jalapeno
£9.90Add +
Yuzi dressing
Salt & Chilli Pepper Squid£6.50Add +Squid tossed in salt & chilli pepper seasoning
Chicken Gyoza (4)
£4.80Add +
Pan fried parcels filled with chicken, cabbage & spring onion
Karrage Chicken£5.10Add +
vegetable gyoza£4.50Add +
Mixed Sashimi Salad£9.80Add +Seared salmon & tuna sashimi, kazami wasabi dressing
Wakame Seaweed£3.90Add +In a sesame dressing
Beef Tataki Salad
£8.75Add +
Seared beef with baby leaf salad & yuzu dressing
Green Bean Salad£3.90Add +Fine beans in goma ponzu dressing
Side Orders
Steamed Rice (Vegetarian)£2.00Add +
Oshinko (Vegetarian)
£3.00Add +
Japanese mixed pickles
Hot Udon Noodles (Vegetarian)£3.70Add +Served in a light soya & dashi base soup with spring onion
Oriental Style Seasonal Vegetable (Vegetarian)
£4.60Add +
Chef's selection
Miso Soup (Vegetarian)
£2.30Add +
Shojin Tempura Selection (6) (Vegetarian)
£5.65Add +
(Subject to availability) Sweet potato, courgette, broccoli, carrot, lotus root & shitake mushroom
Prawn Tempura (3)
£4.80Add +
Seafood Tempura
£6.50Add +
Selection of shrimp, squid, black cod
Mixed Tempura£7.50Add +Selection of shrimp seasonal vegetables. (A vegetable tempura sauce available)
Main Dishes
Gin Dara£29.00Add +Grilled black cod in sweet miso
Roasted Pork Belly£11.90Add +Green beans & Peri-peri Hoi-Sin
Dynamite Beef£13.50Add +Scottish Angus rib-eye with a chili sauce
Truffle Rib-eye£14.50Add +Scottish Angus rib-eye with a chili sauce
Steamed Seabass£13.50Add +Sake & soya ponzu
(Sizzling Teriyaki) Japanese hot dish with your choice of the following Hot
Salmon Teriyaki£10.50Add +
Chicken Teriyaki£9.50Add +
Scottish Angus rib-eye teriyaki£14.50Add +
Tuna Sushi£6.50Add +6 Pieces
Spicy Tuna Sushi£6.50Add +6 Pieces
Eel & Cucumber Sushi£5.95Add +6 Pieces
Salmon Sushi£4.95Add +6 Pieces
Alaska Sushi
£5.80Add +
salmon, avocado and mayo
King Prawn Tempura Sushi
£5.95Add +
California Sushi£4.80Add +6 Pieces
Yellow Tail with Scallio Sushi£7.25Add +6 Pieces
Scallop Tobiko Sushi£7.50Add +6 Pieces
Dragon Sushi (8)£8.95Add +Eel, tobiko, asparagus & avocado
Rainbow Sushi£9.50Add +Scallop with salmon, tuna, avocado outside
Crunchy Tuna Sushi£8.95Add +
Crunchy Salmon Sushi
£7.95Add +
Samurai Sushi£9.50Add +Prawn tempura with eel outside
Vegetable Roll (Vegetarian)£4.50Add +
Chef Special Roll£7.00Add +
Cucumber Maki£3.00Add +6 Pieces
Salmon & Avocado Cut Roll£5.80Add +6 Pieces
Avocado Maki
£3.00Add +
6 Pieces
Tuna & Truffle mayo Maki£6.50Add +6 Pieces
first 8 Sashimi are served 5 slices
Salmon Sashimi
£6.95Add +
Tuna Sashimi
£8.95Add +
Seabass Sashimi£7.50Add +
Yellow Tail Sashimi£9.50Add +
Scallop Sashimi£7.95Add +
Octopus Sashimi£5.95Add +
Sweet Shrimp Sashimi£5.95Add +6 pcs
Mackerel Sashimi£6.95Add +
Mixed Salmon & Tuna Sashimi£13.50Add +8 Slices
Mixed Sashimi£14.50Add +9 Slices
House Special Sashimi£23.50Add +12 Pieces
Surf clam£7.50Add +
All served with 2 pieces
Salmon Nigiri£4.25Add +
Tuna Nigiri£4.95Add +
Seabass Nigiri£3.25Add +
Mackerel Nigiri£2.95Add +
Yellow Tail Nigiri£4.95Add +
Eel Nigiri£3.95Add +
Prawn Nigiri£3.25Add +
Sweet Shrimp Nigiri£3.25Add +
Octopus Nigiri£3.00Add +
Scallops Nigiri£4.50Add +
Tobiko Nigiri£3.30Add +
Tamago nigiri£2.50Add +
Inari nigiri£2.95Add +
Surf clam£3.95Add +
Set Meals
Set Meal A£10.80Add +California roll (6 pieces) Nigiri (5 pieces) (2x salmon, 2x seabass & 1x tuna)
Set Meal B£13.50Add +(Salmon & Tuna Set) Alaska roll (3 pieces), Spicy tuna roll (3 pieces), Nigiri (6 pieces) (3x salmon & 3x tuna)
Set Meal C£13.50Add +Spicy tuna (6 pieces) Nigiri (7 pieces) (3x salmon, 2x tuna & 2x seabass)
Set Meal D£11.50Add +(Salmon Set) Alaska roll (6 pieces) Nigiri (5 pieces salmon)
Set Meal E£14.50Add +(Salmon Sashimi & Sushi Set) Alaska roll (6 pieces) Nigiri (5 pieces salmon) Sashimi (3 pieces salmon)
Set Meal F£17.00Add +(Sushi & Sashimi set) Chef special roll (6 pieces), Nigiri (4 pieces) (1x salmon, 1x tuna, 1x seabass & 1 x yellow tail) Sashimi (5 pieces)(3x salmon & 2x tuna)
Set Meal G£19.00Add +(House Special Set) Dragon roll (8 pieces) Nigiri (8 pieces) (2x salmon, 2x tuna, 2 yellow tail & 2x seabass)
Veggie Set£10.50Add +Tamago Nigiri (2 pieces) Tamago Nigiri (2 pieces) Inari Nigiri (2 pieces) Vegetable (6 pieces) Avocado Maki (6 pieces)
Coca-Cola£1.50Add +0.33L
Diet Coca-Cola£1.50Add +0.33L
Fanta£1.50Add +0.33L
Cold Green Tea£2.20Add +
Cold Oolong£2.20Add +
Water£2.80Add +75cl
Asahi Super Dry Beer£3.30Add +
Sparkling Water£2.80Add +